No More Cervical Cancer Campaign 2022

Cervical cancer is the cancer of the mouth of the uterus and often affects women their thirties and forties. Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable and treatable when diagnosed early. Across the developed world the incidence is reducing, due to pre cancer screening and early diagnosis. It can be diagnosed at a pre cancer stage and treatment is very simple and the woman can lead a normal life after this. Even a vaccination is available to reduce the risk

Unfortunately, in Pakistan the numbers continue to rise. Even today, 13 women will loose their lives to cervical cancer. Still 80% of our cases present in stage 3 or 4, when no treatment works, and the patient has a a miserable and painful life and death

Girls' and Women's health status is affected by a multitude of complex and interrelated biological, social and cultural factors, which must be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Please join hands with us and help eliminate cervical cancer.


No more Cervical Cancer Campaign 2016,
University of Lahore

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Zia Uddin University Karachi

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