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GWHI believes that reproductive health is a key human right for all girls and women, irrespective of their colour , class or creed. To make social and economic progress we must ensure women's human rights, health, and equality. Women must be elevated to their due place in the society as a valuable component and be respected and honoured duly.

“The mission of the Society is based on the belief that for a nation to be healthy and prosperous, all girls and women must be a healthy and in a complete state of well being. Social and economic progress is only achievable by ensuring women's human rights, health, and equality.

Girls' and Women's health status is affected by a multitude of complex and interrelated biological, social and cultural factors, which must be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Reproductive health is a key human right for women and is determined not only by the quality and availability of health care, but also by socio-economic development levels, lifestyles and women's position in society.”

Food for Thought

There's nothing more important than our good health - that's our principal capital asset.

~ Arlen Specter ~

What We Do!

  • Women Health Awareness

    A Women Health Awareness Session was held at the Monthly meeting of Sada Bahar Club , Lahore, under the auspices of Girls and Women Health Initiative.

  • Fight Breast Cancer

    GWHI spreads the word against breast cancer and empowers you with the knowledge about risk factors and how you can reduce your risk.

  • Our Achievements

    Series of lectures and seminars on women health, pregnancy and fatal diseases.

Our Vision

At GWHI , we believe that for a nation to be healthy and prosperous, all girls and women must be healthy and enjoy a complete state of well being. From birth and childhood through adulthood, girls and women need accessible, affordable and effective services along with correct information to enable them to lead healthy productive lives.

Meet The Team



Dr. Noreen Zafar, a mother of 3 is a gynecologist by profession. She has a very prestigious career mashaAllah and is dedicated to serve the women and girls of her country. She has been awarded countless gold medals, awards, certificates, grants etc for her dedication and commitment to her career and country. She was the first Pakistani who was recently awarded the John M Eisenberg Award 2009 for her Individual Achievement in an International Category,by the Joint Commission and The National Quality Forum, USA.

Other Member

Our team consists of a gynaecologist ,medical specialists ,a paediatrician ,a public health specialist, a nutritionist, ,nurses, and a team of volunteers. The President is present in all camps and she gives personal advice to every woman and girl she sees. The Volunteers are not directly related to this profession, however they come from diverse backgrounds and careers and include members from all ages , from the elderly to teenagers and everyone in between.


Team members ususally have meetings and brief ups before their camps and lectures. The volunteers are instructed by those specialised staff members on how to go about their work on the camps. The GWHI staff comprises of a team of friendly,diligent workers, dedicated to their work, their country and the poor. The camps sites they visit is like a third world because of lack of facilities, no health care and complete ignorance.

International Members

GWHI encourages people to participate towards eradicating ill health and mistratment of the masses and thus accepts and appreciates volunteers from other countries and nationalities. GWHI believes that such issues are crucial to be addressed by every individual no matter where they live or come from. Recently an Australian breast cancer expert Beth Trevan joined the GWHI team and shared her valuable insight with alot of women and girls.


Help us make Pakistan a better place by providing its women and girls 'Wellness with Dignity'. Thanks

We Specialize In

Wellness with Dignity!

01. Cervical Cancer

Accredited Colposcopist by British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology.

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02. Obstetric Fistula

Invites you to become a part of change, become a member, patronize a project, donate or just gift your ideas and thoughts about well-being of Girls & Women.

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03. Teen Health

Teenage is a beautiful time of life. We at GWHI, want you all to realize that it also a very important time of your life too.

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04. Breast Cancer

GWHI spreads the word against breast cancer and empowers you with the knowledge about risk factors and how you can reduce your risk.

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