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A Women Health Awareness Session was held at the Monthly meeting of Sada Bahar Club , Lahore, under the auspices of Girls and Women Health Initiative.

The chief guest and speaker, a prominent women heath specialist and President GWHI , Dr Noreen Zafar discussed the value of health and well being for all girls and women. She described how simple changes in lifestyle can significantly improve health and also reduce the risks of a whole multitude of diseases.

She stressed upon women the need for a wellness check i.e. an annual visit to doctor without any problem. This visit, she said,serves as a way to promote health and well being among women. The potential problems which can be picked up during the course of this visit include raised BP too much weight gain, Diabetes, Thyroid problems. Also included in screening is breast examination by the doctor , PAP smear test and mammogram for all women above 40 years of age.

Dr. Zafar stressed the fact that many female cancers are preventable by simple tests .She further said that there is a general reluctance in our culture to talk about cancer Talking about cancer is thought to be a bad omen ,although all women have a 1 in 20 chance of developing any cancer  in their lifetime .No immunity is guaranteed but she stressed that prevention and early diagnosis is possible ,She also said that most of the advanced tests are available in Pakistan.

Dr. Noreen Zafar clearly told that the cancer of the lower part or the mouth of the uterus inflicts significant misery and pain on the patient when diagnosed late. She said however the simple PAP testcan pick up changes in the cells which pre date the onset of cancer by even 10 to 15 year.

When picked up at this early stage, the treatment is very simple. She said it was tragic that even when invited ladies do not come for the PAP test, although it is painless and is done during the routine gynaecology visit. She also told that the global incidence of new cases of cervical cancer have reduced significantly due to this simple test but unfortunately in Pakistan still women present too late.

Breast cancer prevention was also discussed in detail and the audience were taught Breast Self Examination technique in detail .The importance of mammograms was highlighted Dr Zafar said prevention was possible by weight management, moderate physical activity, breast feeding and giving up smoking and alcohol.

Question and answer session was very interesting and various questions pertaining to different women health issues were answered in detail.

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