OUR WORK || Let us celebrate International Women's Day, 2011

GWHI believes in Wellness With Dignity for all GIRLS & WOMEN 

 WOMEN'S DAY --------  EVERY DAY !!

Join us in your celebrations !

International Womens Day 2011 is being celebrated globally for the " Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women ".
It is an open secret that globally Womens are not enjoying "Equal rights and equal opportunities for Progress" they are not only facing discriminatory attitude for their equal rights and opportunities, they are also facing violence. They cannot play their role in decision-making. How many Womens are contributing in the society even in developing countries? This women's day is a major day for celebrating the achievements and assistance of the women from all over the world at inexpensive, supporting and common level.

Join us in our mission of empowerment through knowlegde!

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