Dr. Noreen Zafar, a mother of 3 is a gynecologist by profession. She has a very prestigious career mashaAllah and is dedicated to serve the women and girls of her country. She has been awarded countless gold medals, awards, certificates, grants etc for her dedication and commitment to her career and country. She was the first Pakistani who was recently awarded the John M Eisenberg Award 2009 for her Individual Achievement in an International Category,by the Joint Commission and The National Quality Forum, USA. 


Our team consists of a gynaecologist ,medical specialists ,a paediatrician ,a public health specialist, a nutritionist, ,nurses, and a team of volunteers. The President is present in all camps and she gives personal advice to every woman and girl she sees. The Volunteers are not directly related to this profession, however they come from diverse backgrounds and careers and include members from all ages , from the elderly to teenagers and everyone in between.

Team members ususally have meetings and brief ups before their camps and lectures. The volunteers are instructed by those specialised staff members on how to go about their work on the camps. The GWHI staff comprises of a team of friendly,diligent workers, dedicated to their work, their country and the poor. The camps sites they visit is like a third world because of lack of facilities, no health care and complete ignorance.


GWHI encourages people to participate towards eradicating ill health and mistratment of the masses and thus accepts and appreciates volunteers from other countries and nationalities. GWHI believes that such issues are crucial to be addressed by every individual no matter where they live or come from. Recently an Australian breast cancer expert Beth Trevan  joined the GWHI team and shared her valuable insight with alot of women and girls.

Help us make Pakistan a better place by providing its women and girls 'Wellness with Dignity'. Thanks

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