Menopause====Debunking Myths!!

Moving Beyond the Myths of Menopause

• Myth: Menopause is a disease

• Myth: Menopausal women want to be young again

• Myth : Menopause means being unfit and old

• Myth: Women become fat after menopause

• Myth: Women suffer in relationships due to menopause

• Myth: Menopause means a woman is old

• Myth: All women have symptoms

• Myth: Menopause makes women cranky, angry and even crazy

• Myth: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is bad

• Myth: In hormone replacement therapy, estrogen is the natural hormone

• Myth: All women experience unpleasant symptoms during menopause

• Myth: Since menopause is natural, you have nothing to worry about

• Myth: Menopause means a woman will become depressed

• Myth: There is memory loss during menopause

• Myth: Menopause occurs at fifty

• Myth: Menopause can last for a few years

• Myth: The most dangerous myth is that menopause is just a "natural phase of life and doesn't have any serious consequences

• Myth: Another version of the same issue is "it's natural, why interfere?"

The truth is that Menopause is the beginning of a brand new era in your

life……………. Celebrate it by taking charge of your health and well being.

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